about swifflet

swifflet is an online marketplace for classified listings. We want to make the process of selling and buying fast, convenient, and secure.

But there are already so many online marketplaces, so why start another one?

Most of today’s marketplaces haven’t kept up with changing web standards and constantly evolving technology. At swifflet, we don’t just want to keep up – we want to constantly innovate to bring the best classified listings to you.

Here's what we have done so far to make swifflet more covenient for you:

DESIGN FIRST: We want to throw away the standard homepage filled with cluttered categories. Websites should be optimized for functionality, but they should also be simple and beautiful.

MOBILE FIRST: You want to snap a picture on your phone and advertise it to the world. You don't want to transfer pictures to your laptop just to post your listing. We think you should be able to upload anything to sell in thirty seconds, straight from your phone. Just like that.

We're still in the early stages of development and there's a lot more to come, so we need your feedback to help make swifflet better.